Welcome To Tusonge Children's Ministry


'Moving forward together in love and hope' is what Tusonge ministries is all about. The Tusonge ministries serves the needy, the orphaned and extremely vulnerable children and their families in Uganda. The Tusonge ministries got its start after the children performed in a choir that toured the United States. Those who met and heard those children’s stories were moved to help them and so began Tusonge ministries. Tusonge translates to moving forward, and we all share the same goal of moving forward to spread His love. Read more on how you can move forward and become part of the Tusonge family with us.



Our projects are aimed at providing help to the children to allow them to grow up happy, healthy and to enjoy the world around them. Part of that help provides access to education to allow the children to grow to their full potential and contribute to their community. 


Your sponsorship provides an education for a child, which not only can brighten their future but their families’ future too.

Family Home

A Tusonge Family home is nearly complete already providing the Children a Safe and Friendly environment when they are not at school.


The Tusonge children can now take advantage of a new van that has been purchased through your generous donations.  We are hoping to have it entirely paid off by the end of the year.  

Farming Project

Our farm and land are exciting parts of our ministry. We raise chickens, cows and other animals as well as plant a garden to help support our ministry financially. 

To Help

Tusonge children’s ministry supports children within the communities by teaching the Word, providing for basic needs and health care and challenging the children to grow through their education. 

Make a Difference - Sponsor A Child

Your donation, no matter how large or small, contributes to the well-being of the children and Tusonge ministries. You will be touching many lives with your gift.