Message From the Board Members

Dear Friends,

Thank you for considering our plea to continue to assist the Ugandan children who visited the United States on tour in 2014.

Church families and individuals from across the United States are leading the efforts to help the Tusonge children.

Here’s what has been done so far:

• Since the choir tour, we have been working with the children’s chaperon, Fredrick Otukuru, to create Tusonge Children Ministries to help the children and their families. 
• Fredrick has been working tirelessly to keep the children fed, sheltered and enrolled in school. He is a caring, God-fearing man with a big heart. We trust him implicitly.
• Individuals have traveled to Uganda at their own expense to see the remarkable work that is being accomplished. 
• Several churches, organizations and individuals have contributed generously to provide educational opportunities, food, and other needed services to many, many children. But there are many more to help.

We must do more and we need your help to do it!

We desperately need to find committed sponsors who will join us in caring for these children for the long-term. All we need is about $3 a day per child to accomplish our goal. Will you help us?

Please explore this website and consider how you, your church or organization can help. These children displayed such extraordinary love, joy and faith when the choir toured the U.S., and we hope to continue to support them.


God bless you as you thoughtfully consider our request.

Bill and Kathy Musgrave
Ken and Becky Berg
Jean Carder
Shelley George
Nadine Horst