Family Home For Kids

I have opened my home to become “our home” for my family, the Tusgone children and our friends from the U.S. when they are able to visit. “Our home” was really too small to serve all the needs of everyone who seeks shelter there. I want “our home” to be open to children whose own home life becomes unbearable for them and needs a safe place to stay. There is much sadness, poverty, hopelessness and hunger in many of these homes and “our home” becomes their refuge.

 Our goal of building a much larger family home has been realized!!! Through wonderful donations we have moved in and are completing the final stages of construction.  We completed enough of the home to move into it in January 2019.  Our open house was celebrated by a ribbon cutting and with more than 100 people from our church and community and some of our board members in attendance.  What a blessing!!  


          THE HOUSE BEGINNING CONSTRUCTION                           WE HAVE A NEW ROOF!!!                          WE HAVE WINDOWS & DOORS!!!

 STUCCO HAS BEEN ADDED INSIDE AND OUT                                                                          SANDING AND PAINTING

                              WE HAVE MOVED IN !!!!!!!