Sponsorship Information

There are multiple ways you can help the children of Tusonge Children’s Ministries.


Sponsorship of a Child

Our dream and vision is to see life-long family relationships grow through the love shared from your gift that will give hope and a future to a child in need. We welcome all gifts and consider each a blessing. For approximately $3 a day a full sponsorship provides nutritious meals, clothing, shelter, school supplies and enrollment in an accredited Christian boarding school. This will provide the children with the stability and sustainable support they need to stay in school and become contributing members of their church and community. Recommended sponsorship opportunities are listed below.


$100/month - Supports a child's education for an entire year

$50/month - supports a child's education for half the year

Any monthly amount or one-time donation will be accepted and appreciated and will go toward the education of the children.

To see children you can support, go to the Sponsorship tab or click on 'Children to Sponsor'. You can see information about each child by clicking on their name.  Select your child and enter his or her name on the Sponsorship form.


Benefits of Sponsorship

Tusonge Children’s Ministry is committed to building lasting relationships between our sponsors, the children and their families. We believe in building family connections that can last a lifetime.  All supporters, no matter their level of commitment, will receive regular updates from Tusonge Children’s Ministries and the child you are supporting. You will have the opportunity to communicate directly with your child through phone calls, Skype, Facebook and regular mail. We are committed to complete transparency. You are always welcome to inquire about Tusonge Children Ministries activities and financial matters.


How to contribute

Tusonge Children Ministries is  a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All conributions are tax deductible.

To make a contribution by credit or debit cards to the organization you can select 'Donate' on the button below.  





Contributions can also be made by Check.

Mail Checks to:

Tusonge Children Ministries Inc.

PO Box 281

Louisburg, Ks  66053


Direct Deposit Information is also available by Contacting Tusonge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Administrative Costs

Fredrick Otukuru receives a stipend for his efforts on behalf of the children in Uganda. In addition to caring for them in his home and finding them an accredited school, he is an accountant who is keeping excellent records of all donations and expenditures on the children’s behalf. All records are reviewed by The Team. These records are open and available to all donors. All undesignated donations are distributed by Fredrick as needed for operational costs and emergencies that may arise for the Children.